researching my great grandfather and his brother in Langenöls, Germany, now Oleszna, Poland.

Hello, I have family history in Langenöls. My grandfather Herbert Franz Walter was married April 6, 1931 to Elfreida Ida Eckwert and his two witnesses were his father Reinhold Walter ( a stellmacher ) and Gerhard Walter ( a saddler). from Langenöls. Circle Nimptsch. Gerhard may have been Reinhold's brother. We do not know. Reinholds wife was Anna nee Seidel. I have one record of Reinhold Walter that says he was born 6-28-1873 in Gr: Bese. This town / village has not been found. If my great grand uncle was a saddler, he may have had a shop there?

I wonder if anyone would have any information that could help me pursue my ancestors. I have checked and have not been able to find anything. I would be grateful and thankful for any help at all. Claudia