Immigration and Naturalization Records for Martin Thorson

I am trying to locate my great grandfather's entry to US and his naturalization documents. Martin Thorson (have also seen as Thoresen, Thoreson) was born in 1875 in Norway and immigrated in 1893 to Renville, Minnesota. He lived in Benson County, ND when he married my great grandmother Marie Olsen in 1906. The 1910 US Census shows him as naturalized. I have not found naturalization records in either the Minnesota or ND Archives. Any other suggestions? Thank you!


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  • Thank you for the quick reply.  The Naturalization Records could be my great grandfather. The time frame is right being in America for 5  years and his name was spelled Thoresen on the ship manifest when he left Oslo.  He seems to have started using Thorson shortly after coming to America.  

    The New York Martin and Marie are not my relatives. Martin and Marie seem to be common names back then.  I did have the census records, but appreciate you sending them.  Have a great day!  And again, thank you.