Looking for confirmation of employment on the Railroads for my Ancestor David Bennett Dawson (1857-1902)


My ancestor David Bennett Dawson (1857-1902) of Topeka, Kansas, was a Railway worker from at least 1891-1902. He may have worked on three different railroad companies: 1) as a Railway Engineer/Mechanic in the Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) in the car department from 1891-1897, then 2) Railway Worker for a Branch of the Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad (St. L., I. M. & S.) from about 1899, and finally 3) Locomotive Engineer on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRIP) in 1902, when it was reported that he died in a railway accident in Topeka. 

  Newspapers accounts in Kansas support the above info. He was not a retired employee, but I am still wondering where to get employee info on him for any of these railroad companies, especially the last. It was said his family lived in Topeka while he worked on the railways. He arrived in Kansas in abt 1883 from Ohio with his wife Alvira. Thanks for any help you can lend.

   Brian Paul Kaess