I am trying to locate Clare Ricardo dob 1889 and her daughter Retta Morris Shah or Shaw dob 1911. I think Clare was born in New York, Retta was born in England in Monmouthshire. Her father Manek Shah was born in Bombay in 1875 and naturalised in 1906, he w

Trying to locate records for the above

  • Thank you, just to add Manek Shah(Shaw, or Mark) he used various combinations of these names. He was a Doctor in India but couldn’t get work in US so he became a magician/theatre artiste, necromancer and was known as Prince Yuga, the illusionist, mystical entertainer extraordinary, yuga and co, Prince yuga and his company of oriental mystic entertainers. He appeared in vaudeville in the 1920s and 30s with his wife and his daughter Retta Shah as his assistants. I can’t find if he was married to Clare or Clara J Ricardo but I can find a marriage to Lilian Kate Guyatt in 1925 in london UK. Any information would be appreciated.


  • Retta Morris SHAW/H was born on 23 Mar 1911, registration in Q#2 in district Abergavenny

    Was a waitress in Sep 1939, Residence: 1, Bassett Chambers, City of Westminster, London

    Married Thomas J READ in Westminster - registration in Q#1 1941 in district Westminster

    Retta Morris Read’s death was registered in district Camden in Q#4 2004

  • Hello Thank you for this but I already have this information. I am trying to find out what happened to Retta and Clare between Retta’s birth in 1911 and the uk census in 1939 they just appeared to have disappeared! So I assumed they may have gone to New York but I can’t find them on any passenger lists. Do you have US census from 1911 to 1939 which is the next time I found Retta but I have never found any record of Clare since she was in the 1911 UK census with Retta in Wales UK. I thought they may have travelled abroad with Manek but  I found him on a 1921 census in London with Lilian Shah.

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    Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!

    The United States government has taken a census of population every ten years since 1790. This includes a census in 1920 and a census in 1930.

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has the censuses from 1790 to 1950. These records are available online. Please see the Search Census Records Online and Other Resources web page for more information and links to the digitized records.

    Additionally, some states took their own censuses of population during your time period of interest, typically in different years than the federal census. The State of New York, for example, took censuses in 1915 and 1925. Please see the U.S. Census Bureau's State Censuses web page for more information. Some state censuses may be available online.

    We hope this assists you with your research!

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