Parents' names for 1904 Slovak Immigrant- Social Security Records?

Hello. I am seeking information on a man who immigrated from Slovakia in 1904. I have a copy of what I believe is his baptismal record from Slovakia, 1886. But due to the date discrepancy with all US records stating a different birthday, I need to verify this is the same person.

I have obtained most of his other documents but am unable to verify his parents' names listed on the Slovak baptismal record.

His Oath of Allegiance is dated June 1924. I wonder if my only hope is a social security application. I have been unable to locate him in any AAD Numident searches. I have what I believe is his social security number.

His name is John Cyril Surina. His US records list his birthday as 31 Dec 1888 (but I believe it's 29 Dec 1886 according to baptism record). He was born in Trstena, Slovakia. He died 28 Jan 1973 in Clarksville, AR, USA.

If this application is available, how would I get the information? Can I obtain certified copies from the SSA and what is the timeline for that?

Thank you, in advance, for any help.

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