Hello Where do I have to look to find my great grandmother Elizabeth (ELIZA) CORRIGAN who came to the USA before the IRISH FAMINE of 1846 - I have already checked in the NATIONAL ARCHIVES on IRELAND and did not find her name Thank you


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  • Dear Patti , Unhappily this is not her. I have already used Family Search and cannot find her. I am new at this and 

    looked at the ships that came into New York Harbor but they only show stating in 1846. She was born from what I have seen in 1831 in

    IRELAND and

    married at the age of 17 Patrick Welch ( Welsh,Walsh ) in NYC in 1848 St Columba Church in Manhatten . A

    witness to her marriage was her sister BRIDGET CORRIGAN. I have a copy of her obituary in the Brooklyn

    newspaper calledTHE BROOKLYN EAGLE . She died in Brookly on April 12th 1897. A lot of my family lived

    in HYDE PARK ,Massachusettes. Her son JOHN J WELCH had a horse stable for zabout 25 years in Hyde Park 

    and came to Brookly,NYC in 1889/1890 . My father was born in Brooklyn in 1899 and myself in 1945.

    Thanks for your quick answer and trying to help me out. She is buried in Holy Cross Cementary in Brooklyn,NYC.


    Richard P. Welch


  • Hi Richard

                  I found you GG grandmothers obit in The Brooklyn Eagle Apr 12, 1897 on Page:7.

    https://www.newspapers.com/image/50439997/    I see from your post that you already have this information but in it a mention of Native of Monasterevin, County Kildare, Ireland. 

    I located her death Certificate at the following link:


    On it:

    Question 2     Age:    Answer   65 Years   10 months    21 days  

    Question 8   If of foreign birth how long in the US     Answer   50 years 

    Question 9   How long a resident of the city?           Answer   10 years.

    So, with the above information her birth would be May 23, 1831

    Immigration year 1847

    Resident of the City since 1887 

    Monasterevin is a Catholic Parish in Co. Kildare, on Roots Ireland    https://www.rootsireland.ie/

    It has a list of births for this parish:

    8 matches for the search criteria: Corrigan (plus variants) 1821-1841 Parish: MONASTEREVIN (RC)    

    There is no listing for Elizabeth or Bridget Corrigan in their records. I also accessed the parish NLI records to see if some damage may have occurred to the record or perhaps some missing pages, but everything appears to be OK. A link to the record at NLI 





  • Hi Timothy ,

     WOW !!!   what a beauriful job you have done for me. I am 78 years old and the

    net and I are two different things.

      I really really do apreciate what you have done for me

    Sincerely ,

    Richard P. Welch