Searching for a Photo of my Maternal Grandfather

Over 10 + years, I have been looking for a photo of my Maternal first Grandfather,  Joseph St. Petery.

Joseph was born on 4 Nov 1877 in Koka, Hungary and immigrated on the vessel "SLAVONIA" from Fiume to New York on

5 Dec 1904. My mother, now deceased, was his only child and 4 years old when he died.

I have searched through finding:

  1. Naturalization papers petition No. #22972 Vol. 94, Admitted: 3-4-21
  2. 1930 United States Federal Census
  3. New York Death Certificates, 1862-1948
    1. Certificate Number: 4428
    2. Death Date: 12 Feb 1937
    3.      Hospital:  St. Claires Hospital, New York city, Manhattan, NY, USA

Thank you. I hope I can help others.