My husband's grandfather was born in Wonszas, Poland, is that the same as Warsaw?

My husband's grandfather was born in 1874 in Wonszas, Poland/Russia/Prussia. Trying to find out whether this is another spelling of Warsaw?


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    We searched the JewishGen Communities Database and located another potential match:

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    Modern Town & Country

    Other Names

    c. 1950

    After WWII

    Town / Country

    c. 1930

    Between Wars

    Town / District /

    Province / Country

    c. 1900

    Before WWI

    Town / District /

    Province / Country

    # of JGFF


    Wąsosz, Poland

    53°31' N 22°19' E

    103 miles NNE of Warszawa

    Wąsosz [Pol], Vonsosh [Yid, Rus], Wonsosz










    Russian Empire


    Number of matches = 1

    However, we can not be certain if this is the correct one.  The multiple languages in use in this region at that time, the paucity of standardized spelling, and the fact that many American officials were unfamiliar with the relevant spelling conventions can lead to a great variety of spellings in the records.

    In regards to the differing country of origin on his American paperwork, that may be attributed to the frequently shifting borders of Eastern Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. As you may already know, in 1874 what is now known as Poland was split between Russia and Germany.

    We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!

  • Hi Jason. Thank you so much for this information. I'm hoping this will lead me to a birth or baptismal certificate/his parents names. That information seems to be missing on everything I've found!


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