Microfilmed indexes and compiled military service records for Union Army Volunteers

I recently discovered this book: Genealogical Research at the National Archives of the United States. In section B, on page 140, there is Table 9 titled "Microfilmed indexes and compiled military service records for Union Army Volunteers". In the narrative on page 139 it says "...Filming of these records is continuing so researchers should consult the reference staff for latest availability."  The book was published, I think, in 1983, so I would have thought that filming of these records must have occurred sometime in the last30 years.

Genealogical Research in the National ArchivesTabel 9

My question is two part. Is there a current 'table' referenced above? In particular I'm interested in - NOT the INDEXES - but the compiled Military Service Records for the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. As you can see in the table there appear to have not yet been filmed at the time of the publication. Does anyone have knowledge when these records will be microfilmed and/or digitized?  All of my Civil War ancestors served in volunteer regiments from these states.

  • Hello Ms. Johnson,


    The CMSR collection has been digitized significantly since 1983. However, the states you mentioned have not yet been scanned into Fold3.com, only the index cards have been digitized. You may request the CMSR records in person in Washington D.C. or order online.


    Alternatively, many researchers have pulled CMSR for their genealogy and have scanned the records in our Innovation Hub in Washington D.C. The Innovation Hub is a pilot project where researchers can scan military CMSR or pension files for personal use but they are also saved to our catalog. There is a small chance that your relative may have been scanned by another researcher to the National Archives catalog.  

    I hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

    Jenny Parish

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for replying to my question. I did, as you suggested, and went to Innovation Hub to search for the possibility of a scanned file. I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of results: 7,716 results !  Once I figured out how to 'drill down' I was able to find a CMSR for a soldier in the IA 12th, Co. G. I have since written a FB Group post about the finding.

    Facebook Group Post on Norwegians in the Civil War

    There is VALUE in looking at a soldiers company 'peers' records. I recently found 71 page PDF for Andres A. Egge (aka Pvt. Anders Anderson) with the IA 12th, Co. G. It had been scanned and PDF'ed by Geoff Egge (assumably a relative). Geoff participated in a new pilot project called: Innovation Hub - a place where researchers can scan military CMSR or pension files for personal use but they are also saved to our catalog. Once saved, they are available to anyone to view.

    In reviewing the file I discovered the following peer soldiers (Gustav A. Hague and Anton E. Anderson) who provided handwritten affidavits stating that they knew the 'soldier in question' and talked about their shared experiences in Company G. Their signatures can be found in the file.

    Approved Pension File for Private Andrew A. Egge (alias Anders Anderson), Company G, 12th Iowa Infantry Regiment (SC-857264) 9https://catalog.archives.gov/id/771498510

    That said, I'm still wondering about the second part of my question. That is, what is the plan to film / digitize the states I mention - not yet been scanned into Fold3.com. Or should I say, IS there a plan to scan these states?? And if so, an ETA? Might you know the answer to this question?

  • Ms. Johnson,

    It is not entirely clear on when those state military records will be released electronically. However, here is a link to NARA's strategic plan to digitize a majority of our holdings. the best suggestion for now, is that you continue to search our catalog for the soldier's CMSR or Pension files.

    I coincidentally found another link today regarding immigrant soldiers and naturalization. It may be of value to review? www.naturalizationrecords.com - Special Cases.

    Jenny Parish

  • For folks who may need help "drilling down" in the catalog, try using these search terms:

    "citizen contributor" = everything scanned in the Innovation Hub

    "citizen contributor" pension = all pensions scanned in the Innovation Hub

    smith pension = pensions with the word "Smith" in them, including those scanned in the Hub and those scanned by partners such as Fold3

    Substitute "compiled military service record"  or "bounty land" for "pension" if you're looking for those.

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