Microfilmed indexes and compiled military service records for Union Army Volunteers

I recently discovered this book: Genealogical Research at the National Archives of the United States. In section B, on page 140, there is Table 9 titled "Microfilmed indexes and compiled military service records for Union Army Volunteers". In the narrative on page 139 it says "...Filming of these records is continuing so researchers should consult the reference staff for latest availability."  The book was published, I think, in 1983, so I would have thought that filming of these records must have occurred sometime in the last30 years.

Genealogical Research in the National ArchivesTabel 9

My question is two part. Is there a current 'table' referenced above? In particular I'm interested in - NOT the INDEXES - but the compiled Military Service Records for the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. As you can see in the table there appear to have not yet been filmed at the time of the publication. Does anyone have knowledge when these records will be microfilmed and/or digitized?  All of my Civil War ancestors served in volunteer regiments from these states.

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  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for your post. I too have found a great deal of information on CW soldiers within these states. My question is more specifically about when/if these states will be available online like the others. I'm currently hosting a Facebook Group called Norwegians in the Civil War. We have just over 100 members since it started just a month ago. Many of them, are in the same situation - ancestors who came from MN, IA, and WI.

    That said, if you have links you can share, that would be nice.