Seeking name of ship that sailed from Naples, Italy to USA

Can you please tell me the name of the ship that left Naples Italy on or about April 26 or April 28, 1956 and sailed to USA NY Harbor with the family of Antonia Siclari Sgarlata with her four young children Antonio, Santa, Grace and Dominick (Domenico) Sgarlata?

Also is there a list of names of passengers on that ship from Scilla Reggio Calabria.  How many days was the voyage and what did it cost for the Sgarlata family to travel on that ship?  Can you tell me the cabin number they were assigned ?

I am using this information to write down some family history for my children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  I am Grace Sgarlata Silvis and I was four years old when I came to America but I do not know the name of the ship I traveled on.  This information is so that I can have accurate details of my journey to America when I was four years old.  We traveled by train from Scilla Reggio Calabria to Naples, and then got on a ship to America, NY harbor.  This is all I know.  Please help with details if you can.  How old was my mother Antonia when she was on that ship in 1956.  I can remember my mom being sea sick the whole journey.