1940 Census Digitized page is missing

I am trying to find the 1940 Census listing for the Tubman Home, a group of cottages for elderly people located in Richmond County, Georgia, 123 Militia District, on Milledgeville Road at Tubman Home Road. Ancestry says it is the last thing listed in Enumeration District 121-73. But it is not there. I have searched the surrounding districts as well. I have looked page by page on Ancestry (which says it is there, but it is not), on FamilySearch, and on the NARA site. I have also searched for names of residents who should have been listed with no luck. Is it possible that page was omitted from the digitized version?

  • Erick, the census sheets for a county were put in order of ED #, and then each "A" page was stamped from ED 1... 1A all the way to the last ED in the County.  ED 121-73 starts with # 983.  Look at the top right of the 1A sheet.  The ED sheet numbers go up to sheet 43A, and then skip to the 60s.  That was normal.  The sheets with 60A and higher represent followups and missed people gotten the second time around.  I don't see a break however  in the stamped numbers.  That doesn't mean there wasn't  a missing sheet or missing sheets at the end of the ED # before the stamping process.  Second, the actual definition of the ED which I'm going to try to attach... haven't done that before.... shows ... that part west of the Central Georgia RR, outside Augusta city and excluding Richmond County Poor Home and Richmond County Reformatory.  Show Separately (which means put starting on a separate sheet): Croft's Tourist Camp, Tubman Home.  To the right of the show separately is the 1940 population # of 940 persons.  I didn't see the Tourist Camp on the sheets.  But could the 940 be against the Camp and the Home has no residents, thus no census sheet?  The next ED # for Richmond County should have a stamped number on their 1A sheet one more than the last stamped # for the 121-73 sheets.

  • this time I'll try to add the image.  Do you have names of people that might have been at the home in 1940 and see if any appear on name indexes for the 1940 census?

  • Thanks for sending this page. It also shows that Tubman Home was the last enumeration in district 121-73. But it is not there. I'm going to try to check the microfilm to see if it was just missed when it was digitized. I do have a few names of the "inmates" at Tubman Home, and have looked for them both in a page by page search, and through the indexes on Ancestry and on Family Search.