German Civil War Veteran Origins, George Seemuller, born 1822/3

I am trying to find a birth record for George Seemuller. He was born probably late 1822, but that could be wrong. Anywhere between jan 1, 1822, Dec 31, 1833. He was born in "Bavaria" mentioned on 1860 census, 1880 census etc. He married Kunigunde Meyer (Cumgeinta, Cunnegunde) on 17 Aug 1845, Hamilton, Ohio, at Old St. Mary's Catholic Church. His daughter with Kunigunde was born 05 February 1845 in Ohio. He enlisted on September 2nd 1862. He mustered out on march 28 1864, due to rheumatism, and was in a National Disabled Military Home.

I would like to know the following;

His parents names

Where he lived (more exact than bavaria)

Why he had a child before marrying? and a huge gap months wise

Why was he still working after having rheumatism, especially being a bricklayer

p.s he had other children. kunigunds parents were john henry and anna



    Thank you for posting your question to the History Hub!
    The War Department generally did not keep track of the type of personal information you are seeking for this veteran, but if he applied for a pension after the Civil War that would be the most likely source where at least some of the data might show up. If you know which regiment he served in, or at least which state he served from, we can determine whether a pension file exists. We highly recommend you follow up directly with the Archives 1 Reference Branch (RR1R) at for further assistance in searching for a pension file for this soldier. If a file exists, they will be able to examine it directly to determine if any information is available regarding his place of birth, work history after the war, and information about his children. If the file does not mention the names of his parents then it is likely had we have no further information, as the War Department did not document next of kin at that time.
    We hope this information assists you with your research!
    Archives 1 Reference Branch