1930 Census Data Query Possibilities

Is it possible to query the raw census data somehow?  For example, I would like a list of all residents in the 1930 census in Rock Island County, Illinois who show either their birthplace or either parent's birthplace to be BELGIUM.  I would want those data rows only.  Is that possible somewhere?  Using Family Search I can sorta get close to a list of links to records of one city's residents born in Belgium, but that's part of the question and I don't see any way to download except coping hundreds of screens.

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  • Hello Joel,

    Yes, I can create a similar list in Family Search using the 1930 Census as the source data.  As I mentioned in my post, the unfortunate part is this process results in a detailed list of record references, with at most 100 records per page.  I would have to then copy/paste 100 records at a time, page-by-page, into Excel ... and then manipulate the content to get to the point where the data is one row per person like a census record.

    So I was wondering if there was a more efficient way to access the census raw data? Or I guess a way to download all of the 4,212 records at once that you have found in your search?

    Thanks for responding!