Levy County Florida 1910 census

I would like to research the 1910 Levy County Florida census records as part of my ancestry search.  

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  • suzie,

    I found a couple of the children names scattered around from 1900-1920..the 1910 has a Benjamin, but not with Amy/Amie as his wife nor his first wife's name, and it was in a different sector of the state...and nothing of an Amy/Amie Gibson or Curry from a 1910 census. Am going to look up something else for you if possible...did find that Benjamin did pass in from what I can recall in the first 1/3 part of 1910...its unfortunate as they did many census usually in April, (not always but many that I have reviewed over the years either appeared in April or June, sometimes October... would there be anything other than the census I could also try to find more about in regards to Benjamin himself..?

    - Dea

  • Therein lies my trouble - I'm told from good sources that Amy/Amie Curry Gibson was my maternal Grandmothers birth mother and Benjamin the Father.  Yes he died in early 1910 and their son Ben Jr. in 1911.    I just can't find where Amy was in 1910 - and her other 5 children.  I can see the 1900 census for Benjamin and "Amie" but her age does not add up. (and it's clearly written)      We know she lived in Citrus County around 1911 or 12 then became ill and lived with her sister Ardilyar and William Watson in Bronson perhaps in 1913ish where she also died young.     She's such an enigma!      I find earlier census records of her parents Leonard and Georgeanne Curry but no Amy !!     I feel like they must have moved in with someone after Ben Sr. died and be under a different household name somewhere still in Levy Co. in 1910 but can't be positive.    As far as your last question, I'm not sure.   The 1910 census is something I've really been wanting to pour through to see if I can find her.    You are sweet to help and offer to do more - just not sure what stone hasn't been unturned yet, honestly.