Determine EDxx section of city in census data records for a particular street

I am trying to use 1880 (and earlier) census data to determine when my home in Burlington Vermont was built.  I found it in the 1900 census (because I knew who lived next door), but how do I determine which EDxx section of the census data sheets I should look at for earlier census records?

  • Frank...

    First, the 1880 U.S. Census was the first to include addresses on the census sheet (aside from the 2nd enumeration in 1870 for NYC and Philadelphia).  So you won't be able to do earlier censuses with your strategy.  The 1880 census for Burlington shows on Wikipedia it had 11,365 people.  If the 1880 census shows street addresses, then going through all the census sheets shouldn't take you that much time. probably has the 1880 Vt census films.  Have you tried the tax assessor?  Planning Dept?  Historical Societies of your area?  A reference librarian?

  • Joel,

    Thanks for your reply.  I had not thought about the city tax department.  I am currently arguing with the planning department, so trying to avoid them. I do have contacts in the Chittenden County Historical Society, but had not reached out to them yet.  As for the reference librarian - I had sent an enquiry to them, but did not hear back until yesterday.  They were able to give me the information I needed.  My street was created in 1888, and my house was here in 1889, and owned by my wife's great-grandfather (he was occupying the property) by 1890.