List of Residents of 320 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY, 1950 Census, 24-258 ED

I am looking for a list of residents of 320 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY in the 1950 Census.  My father Frank Allen arrived from Trinidad in 1951 and that is the address that was his destination.  I do not know who he went to live with at that address.

  • I'm not sure where you got the 1950 ED for 320 Bergen St.  That utility you got it from should have directed you to the first sheet of the ED.  So I duplicated your search using our utility at and I get instead 24-1022 for 320 Bergen for the 1950 census.  You can repeat my search there using Bergen, St. Marks, 3rd Ave and 4th Ave for the block..  The ED # is a link to a viewer.  I chose the images at FamilySearch (registration required, but its free), but you could use the National Archives instead.  There are 30 images for the ED.  And 320 Bergen is towards the end of the ED.  The left side of the sheet has the street name and house number.  You could even use the National Archives 1950 website and enter the ED # there: