1920 Detroit Census

- I am interested in a census record from ED 61 where several pages say the residents are 'lodgers'. District 0061, Detroit Ward 2. Any ideas where these lodgers were living? My suspicion is the Hotel Tuller but wanted to verify.   Thanks! www.ancestry.com/.../4311641-00068

  • I looked at the sheets at FamilySearch.org.  The address is 36 Clifford St.  Also 25 to 29 Bagley Avenue.  and 99 to 121 Washington Blvd.... I stopped on sheet 3.  So there are multiple places here.  Here's what I would do..... I would find a City Directory for Detroit for 1920.  Those directories often list the hotels of the area, and might also show their addresses.  Doing this in real time.  I looked at my collection and I have the 1920-21 "Federal Official Street Guide and Picket Directory of Detroit".  They have a list of hotels.... no address #s but things like "New Hotel Tuller ... Grand Circus Park at Adams Ave"  That's the only Tuller I see on the list.

  • Thanks! My relative is on the page that says ED 61, sheet 4, person #17. 

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