Census charlotte amalie hospital records

Looking for my grandmother and my daughter 

  • Jose,

    The U.S. Census, taken every 10 years, often sets up an enumeration district for large institutions such as hospitals.  Usually all one sees is the name of the "inmates" i.e. the patients and the live-in staff.  Is that what you want?  Those inmates are also found on name indexes of the census.  So.... where exactly is this hospital?  What census year are you looking at?  The only public ones are 1950, 1940,1930, and so on to 1890.  Is this "Charlotte Amalie" in the U.S. Virgin Islands?  

  • Not im looking for my grandmother and my daughter me and my wife came to NYC  I move to PR and my wife went to the army in yemen the Phone numbers that our grandmother give us is from the office of water authority I don't know why .she gave off tha number but I need to find her to find my daughter. 

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