Is it possible to be issued a negative search record for a person in the 1910 Federal Census? I need to proof my ancestor, Mauro Rubino, born 15Apr1883 in Italy is the same Mauro Rubino, born 31Mar1884, who shows up in Brooklyn on the 1910 census. In oth

Census Records:  negative search record


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    NARA does not have the authority to issue a certification of non-existence of a record, and can only issue a negative search letter. In addition, the only documents that NARA staff are authorized to officially certify are copies from the holdings.

    Negative results for a search of NARA’s holdings only indicates that a naturalization record is not in the possession of NARA, not that it does not exist. Unfortunately, we are only able to provide negative search letters for naturalization records, not for census records.

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