Locating Wonders Court in Washington City (Washington, D.C.) in the year 1900 & 1910

I am hoping to locate Wonders Court, which is listed on the 1900 and 1910 census where my family was living in Washington, D.C. I have looked at Baist's maps, including Atlas' of from years 1903-1919. I believe it may have been an alley, and looked at a directory of alleys from 1912 that cataloged the allies, which it is not listed. I have also tried to review enumeration maps from the census, but I cannot find the Washington, D.C. maps online and am not sure where to look in the Archives. I would be grateful for anyone that could assist me in locating a map from 1900-1920, if possible that may show where Wonders Court is, since the allies are not labeled on many of the maps.

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