St Tammany parish

Historical population of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana from 1810 to 1900

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  • thanks so much for the info, I looked over ... my assignment was turned in last evening, and I was gratified after reading the article that I was within the article's outline, after not knowing much about the history of St. Tammany before. My environmental class did a river study of the Bogue River's velocity and sediment profile within the State Park in October.  My final project included the historical and procedural Geomorphology of Bogue Chitto River in St. Tammany    Quite a few slides (17) with discussion of the slides--but library at UNO had trouble aligning the recording with the slides and not certain these are together --- hope professor doesn't mind that glitch   Anyway, I had a good time looking into history at the Center for Southeast Research at SLU and Historical Collection of New Orleans, for numerous maps and found many historical pamphlets and articles and especially a Journal of the 1900 Flood on the Bogue Chitto, from a written account of the flood.  The development of the Parish and some with Bogue Chitto and Pearl River Basins was fascinating.  You live in a terrific place.  Thanks for responding.  Marguerite "Chad" Pellerin