How can I determine the E.D. for the 1950 Census for 891 Dawson St, Bronx, NY?

I'm trying to see who was living at that address.

  • David,

    With about 70 volunteers, doing over 2400 urban areas, Steve Morse and I came up with a utility to go from an address to an ED for the 1950 census.  So let's see how it's done.  Go to:  Choose from the lists... State: New York, City or Town: Bronx,  and then Street from list: Dawson.  As you can see that generates 12 EDs.  Now let's narrow it.  In the box "House Number" put in 891.  ... and then click on "see google map".  What we need are the street names that make up the block: you can see they should be:  Rogers Pl, E 163rd, and Intervale Ave.  Now back to the Universal ED Finder.... select for Cross or Back Street...  Rogers Pl......  now down to 2 EDs, and select 163rd.... still 2, so select Intervale Ave.... down to 1.  Now I could tell you the ED #, but why spoil the fun of using our gift to the genealogy community.  Note the ED is a link.... click on it... and now a choice of image viewer.... let's use NARA  and start going through the images.  The street and address numbers are on the left side of the sheet images.