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I'd like to get a map of enumeration district 24-1909, Kings County, Brooklyn, NY, from the 1950 census. Page 8 of 9 for the Brooklyn enumeration maps shows a blank area, with the words "See Map 34" for the area that includes EDs 24-1905 thru 1910. How can I find Map 34 so I can see what ED 24-1909 looked like? We lived there when I was born and I have not been able to locate any maps from what was a temporary veterans' facility. Thanks a lot!

  • Mark,

    The National Archives did **not** put online all of their ED maps.  For some areas, usually high density housing projects, they produced a submap showing each structure (within it's own ED), but for the county map, just showed a range of EDs for the project and "see map ##".  There have been others on HistoryHub if you can search the answers that ran into the same problem.  The cartography section of the National Archives helped them out and, in some cases, as a courtesy photocopied the map for the person inquiring.    OK.... second answer.  Doing this in real time.  We have transcribed the ED definitions for all the 1950 material, and posted online scans of the original census films.  It looks like ED 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, (with prefix 24-) are all on the same "block".  1907 is the U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital.  The others have specific boundaries.  I'm going to get you to their boundary description....next... and then look at my copy of the Brooklyn ED map to see what it looks like.... so.... Go to https://stevemorse.org/census/eddef1224.html?reel=140&image=4386&year=1950  There are two images on this frame.  Scroll **down** to see the image that has your target.  The 4 boundary lines are on the North, East, South, West side of the boundary.  A whooping 1,119 people are in this 1950 ED (1909) !!!  Now..... next I'm looking at the 1950 ED map of your area.  No help as you know.  Hopefully a current map will show the small streets in that area and you can use the boundary descriptions to decide which of those 1906-1910 contain your specific residence.... how do you know it's in 1909?  It could be in the other EDs.  I should have in my map collection Brooklyn maps of this area circa 1950 in case you run into trouble.

  • Thanks very much for your comprehensive response.  I am sure the ED is 24-1909 from the census page which has my parents on it.  It was hard to locate because the enumerator crossed out/wrote over part of the surname.  I also know that my parents' address was 602 Horne Avenue from other documents.  Horne Avenue and Jaffray do not exist anymore.  The whole area is now a park and Kingsborough Community College.  I'd appreciate any 1950ish map of the area you might have.  I do know that it had been a Coast Guard training base and then existed as a temporary veterans facility between probably 1946 and 1952.  

  • Hi Mark,

    I looked at my map library.  Have an old late 1940s map... but area is shown without features.  Also the Census Bureau issued block maps for large urban areas for 1950, and again, the area is shown devoid of street names.  I wonder if the street names shown on the boundary descriptions were nothing more than alleys.  I would query the Cartography branch of NARA at College Park, MD to see if they can send you a copy of the map.  If you do get it, I would put it on our 1950 map section of stevemorse.org, as I've done for another of these maps, so the next person can find it online.  For instance, here's a housing project submap for the Bronx that wasn't part of NARA's initial 1950 maps.... instead the range of EDs was shown on the county map.... 

  • Joel,

    I really appreciate your perseverence in trying to find the ED map.  I hope you have success in getting something useful from NARA.  I would be happy to upload what you send me.

    Best wishes,


  • Mark,  My offer was to make available to the public any map that **you** can get from NARA cartography in College Park.

  • Oops!  Sorry about that.  That's what you get when you don't read something carefully!  

    Anyway, I did try to determine how to ask for a map of the area online, but was unable to.  What do you suggest?  Does one need to physically go to College Park?

    Thanks and best wishes.

  • Here's information about College Park NARA.  There is an email address for the cartography unit.  https://www.archives.gov/college-park   If I have time, I may go through all of the EDs that make up that "block" and add the streets to our (the One-Step Unified Tool at stevemorse.org) utility so even the 'funny' internal streets of the EDs are searchable.

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