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I’m finding it difficult to find the census records from 1940. This is not a very user friendly application 

  • jf...there are a number of places that you can find the 1940 U.S.Census records outside of the National Archives.  Name indexes are available, and even tools to find the right ED number from an address for many large urban areas on the Internet.  Try https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/2000219 where you will need to register (free), and if you can't find someone by name but have an 1940 address, then our  https://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html?year=1940 address tool (actually the street names on the block with the address) might get you to the first image of the right enumeration district number.

  • Hi jfdonohue3

    You could try using the Family Search site https://www.familysearch.org/1940census/  - Its a free site - you just need to register

    You could also try using Ancestry -many local libraries offer free access

    - If you want to post the family you are looking for & the place I can look it up for you

    Hope that helps


  • Your help would be appreciated. The name is James Francis Donohue Sr. From Huntington Station, NY I believe on 4 st. 

  • In case P.McG has trouble finding your target by a name index..... and over 5% of the 1940 population for one reason or another did not participate on this census (the "undercount"), I looked at a possible geographical approach since you know where, about, his residence was.  If that address is missing from the enumeration district (ED) then he probably was missed.  First, I tried to find a 1940 ED map for Huntington Station.  No luck.  Then I used our https://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html?year=1940 picking New York State, City: Other Specify, and typed in Huntington Station.  Then pressed  More Details, and saw the boundary descriptions of the 1940 EDs for the community.  Looking at a modern map of the area, and the descriptions, I thought that ED 52-102 might enclose the address, and following our link to the first page of the ED, and looking through it, I do see 4th St residences.  But no Donohue.  In 1940, the enumerator made a second sweep of the ED and put those people on a sheet he/she labelled as "61A" (sheet number in upper right of sheet)..... and I looked at the 61As....on this ED #, but no Donohue.  You might recheck my results.  But to help P.McG..... what and where was James born, as James Donohue is a relatively common name.

  • He was born in Ireland. I tried the Steve Morse site also but it was confusing to me and I couldn’t use my phone to try anymore. I’ll try to see if any of the libraries have Ancestry for free and try there. I appreciate your help. Stay well. 

  • Hi jfdonohue3

    I found it on Ancestry & I appreciate Joel's help & explination of how to navigate stevemorse.org site!. 

    I am unsure if you can enlarge it as we can only post images 1MB or less & the original jpg was more than 3MB so pasted it to a Word document & then copied it here (also tried png & bmp but also too big]

    Hope this is the right family -living on West 4th St 

    -James F Donahue 45yrs

    Catherine 45yrs

    John L 20yrs

    James Jr 18yrs

    Vera 16yrs

    - I also went to Family Search [at the llink I posted in my previous reply] & he was also easily found there - I did enter his wife's name to narrow the choices

    This link should take you to his census page - its a free site - just need to register


    - on LEFT side of page  you can "View Original Document" & on RIGHT side you can see link to 1930 census

    Hopefully you can view -let me know if you have a problem