Seeking 1899 census of Porto Rico and GPO correspondence

Hi, I am attempting to determine the final disposition of the population schedules of the 1899 census of Porto Rico (Puerto Rico). Latest reference I have been able to locate is to a 1912 letter from the Secretary of Commerce to the House of Representatives dated January 15, 1912 (62nd Congress, 2nd Session, Document No.460) recommending that the schedules be disposed. I'd like to know if hey were ever actually destroyed or if they might still be laying around in some dusty boxes in a basement somewhere? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

And, in connection with this same query, I'm also interested in the "Records of the Government Printing Office (GPO)." more specifically those found in Record Group 149 (149.2 records of the Government Printing Office, 1847-1939: Correspondence 1852-1935 with the period 1912-1915 of particular interest; and, Accounting Records 1861-1933, again with those records from 1912-1915 being of particular interest.)

I realize that the Archives (NARA) in DC are apparently open on a limited basis but at this time I am unable to travel there for any on-site research. So, any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and stay safe.