How do I search for military service members who live on base in the 1950 Census?

I am looking for a military family who lived on Base in Maryland but was not in Barracks housing they lived in a single family house and while I can see which Ennumeration district they should be in I am not able to find them.  Any ideas?

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  • Were they in  Solomons town itself or in the broader Solomons Island Election district?  Based on the Enumeration District maps and description, they might have also been in 5-1, 5-2, or 5-8.

    Also, you said "On base."  The military areas were all Special Enumeration district, of which only the Naval Test Warfare Station (5-7) and the Naval Research Laboratory (5-16) had populations.

    What was the family name?  Do you know anything else like street name or names of any neighbors?

    You can also check first names. For example, a search for "Karen" turns up a Karen M. Woolard living on Enumeration District 5-7.

    Unfortunately the name index is imperfect so if something doesn't come up in a name search, that doesn't mean it isn't there.  You may need to go through and read the names one at a time. With so many names and handwriting not always being the greatest, it can be easy to overlook people.

    Another consideration is the date they moved there.  If they didn't move there until after April 1st, they may have been enumerated at their previous residence.

  • I think I have looked in 5-1, 5-2, 5-6 and maybe 5-8 as well.  Probably the others on the map too.  Last name is Pugh.  We know that they were there in 1949 through 1951.

  • I think the one thing that I am scared of is that they are on schedule 5-7 and 19 of the 28 pages say see reverse because they are occupied by non residents? and the reverse side of the schedule did not get filmed.

  • William A. Pugh, age 30  ?  ED 5-7 - Line 1.  The handwriting is very light and not very legible.