Is anyone else experiencing trouble with verification code for the 1950 Census?

I submit my email address for a verification code and get nothing.  I click on "resubmit code" and get the first code (apparently) which comes back as invalid.  "Resubmit" again, another code comes.  Again invalid.  I'm ready and willing to transcribe names, but can't get in.

Also, I am an early bird, so I'm trying this at 7:30am today.  Sometimes it could be as early as 5am.

  • Hello,

    We are sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble receiving the correct verification code for transcribing.  We have forwarded your issue on to our developers but wanted to check if you were still having issues accessing the transcription interface?

  • Since April 1, 2022, I thought there were about 3 times when I did not receive the code.

    I did not use Resend Code.

    I just started over.

    The system displayed the --Enter your verification code-- pop-up.

    So that indicates I had done the correct step.

    However,...I was not 100% sure about making a typo error in the email address.

    So after that I copy/paste the email address into the box.

    When the system displays the pop-up, it would be useful if it displayed the email address I entered.



  • Well,...this is interesting,...

    As I was typing the earlier Reply to this discussion, I went through the process to use --Transcribe Names--.

    On my first attempt, I received the email, but maybe I waited too long to enter the code, because it said --wrong code--.

    So I started over, at about 5:20 PM ET on April 6, 2022.

    I pasted the email address using the source I have used before (so I know it is correct).

    Hummm....did NOT receive the Verification Email.

    That was using an email address at


    Tried it again at about 5:43 PM ET, using a email address.

    It worked correctly.


    I am not saying the problem is "connected" to the email system.

    But,...I guess that could be a possibility.


    At 5:57 PM ET, on a new attempt, in a new/incognito Chrome browser window, (a new session), using that same email address, worked correctly.


  • At about 10:20 PM ET, I had this problem again.

    Asked for a verification code...

    Email did not arrive.

    Tried 2 times.

    On the third try I used a different email address at

    That email arrived.

    But then I got this message:  Your verification code is not correct.


    I have completed a few transcriptions in the last few days.

    So,..I think I know how to use this recipe, and it has worked for me before.

    But sure seems like something is not working quite right at this time.

    Wondering if some of the email systems are classifying those verification code emails as junk/spam.

    (It is not in my junk folder.  But perhaps at the system level.)

    Notice that those emails do not have a physical address and contact information in the body of the email.

    I thought that was a "minimum" for system emails to avoid being classified as junk.


    Thanks for checking on this situaton.


  • I should have indicated that my email address ( self-populates, so it absolutely is correct every time I submit it.  I also have another email address that I use (.gmail) that tried and it also had problems.  I use an Apple computer so switched from the Safari browser to Chrome and also experienced problems yesterday, although not as many.

    This morning (5:30am) I got logged in, but it looks like my submissions from yesterday aren't there.  I went to a page I know I typed and I'm not getting any indication of lines that  know are done. Then I went to the next page that I know I haven't typed, put in line one and got a message error message - "Please try again. You've used a word or phrase that isn't allowed.".  I tried another name and that isn't allowed either, so I know it's not a rogue swear word that I wasn't aware of. 

    Hopefully all the bugs will get worked out soon.  I'm really enjoying contributing to history, but wish it went a little smoother.

  • Thanks for sharing the details.


    On this part --Please try again. You've used a word or phrase that isn't allowed--,

    ...I have not seen that.


    On this part --looks like my submissions from yesterday aren't there.  I went to a page I know I typed and I'm not getting any indication of lines that  know are done--

    ...My understanding is that currently the only "indication" of transcribed names will be that the Search will find those names. 

    At this time, we will not see the transcribed names anyplace.

    However, please see this blog:  1950 Census:  Transcription Tool FAQs

    It says --We are working on an enhancement to add the transcribed names to the search results display.--



  • Can you please share with us a screenshot of this error and let us know what name you tried to enter?


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

  • The error message "Please try again. You've used a word or phrase that isn't allowed." happened on line 1 the first time and then I tried line 7.  This is a screen shot from line 7.  They were both the same and I haven't tried transcribing anything else today for fear that my work is in vain.

    This was on Michigan ED 59-33B, p. 13/sheet 12, line 7.

    Also, before today, when I went back to a sheet that I've already worked on, when I click on "Help us transcribe names," It would pop up with the transcription by line numbers that had already been done and I could scroll across one by one to see if all the names were there and where I had left off.  Just saying it's not doing that now and I'm not sure if what I transcribed is really there.

    Screen shot of error message
  • Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you for the additional information and for sharing this screenshot. We are sorry you experienced this error, and we have reported it to our developers to investigate. It is possible that it was a temporary glitch within the system when you submitted this transcription. Would you mind trying to transcribe this same name again to see if you are able to successfully submit the transcription? If you notice this issue again, it may help to refresh or reload the page before attempting to submit the transcription again.

    Additionally, if you initiate the transcription tool and see names with line numbers, it means that those names have been submitted and accepted. If a name is not listed within the transcription window, you are welcome to transcribe and submit the name. Thank you for your work transcribing the 1950 Census.

  • Yes, I have tried several times over days and have never received the verification code email.