How do I look up my family in the 1950 census?

The 1950 census is the first one I appeared in and I'd like to see my family's entry. I was 7 yrs old and my mother was a census taker in the Maryland outskirts of Washington DC. We lived in Baltimore and I remember the address. My father was killed in WW2 so we lived with my grandparents.

  • Hi Marilynn,  the easiest way is to look up their names on either the name index at the National Archives 1950 census site (, use the name of the head of the family) or at  If successful, that should get you to the page within the Enumeration District that has their names.  If that doesn't work, then use your Baltimore address.  Go to, the US Census section, the Unified Tool, pick Maryland (state), pick Baltimore (city), and then choose from the street list the street on your 1950 block.  That should reduce the number of EDs.  Then find out the other street names on the **same** block, and choose them on the Unified Tool until you get down to a single ED (or perhaps a few).  You can then go to view the ED #, and need to look through the sheets until you find the address.  The last way would be to look at the 1950 ED map for Baltimore MD available at the National Archives, and find the block and ED # that has the residence.