1910 Census Records for Pierce County in Washington State


I'm trying to locate the 1910 census record for my paternal Great Grandmother, Maria (Mary) Boitano.  Maria was born in Italy and immigrated to the US, arriving in New York on September 3rd, 1908.  She arrived on the SS Prinzess Irene.  She was listed on manifest under the category of alien passengers.  She identified Tacoma, Washington as her destination.

Maria arrived in Pierce County prior to giving birth to her daughter on September 24th 1909.  I have been able to find a copy of the 1920 census which lists Maria as naturalized, however the year of naturalization is not listed.  I'm trying to determine her naturalization status as listed on the 1910 census.  I appreciate any help you can provide.


Greg Boitano   

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