NARA released the 1950 population census schedules for researcher use on April 1, 2022, at  This is the 68th in a series of blog posts on the 1950 census. 

Up to 5.5 million people were missed by enumerators during the 1950 census.  How do we know?  In 1992, Census Bureau demographer Edwin D. Goldfield wrote "Innovations in the Decennial Census of Population and Housing:  1940-1990," in which he stated that "Demographic analytical studies indicated that the true net undercoverage was substantially greater [than the Bureau's first estimates], amounting to perhaps 5 to 5.5 million people."  (Goldfield, p. 7). 

That's a lot of people.

However, don't give up your search if your first effort is unsuccessful.  Make sure that you've systematically searched the census records for the correct location(s).  Here are suggestions that may help you if you are unable to locate someone in the 1950 census by doing a name search.

Unfortunately, despite skillful searching, some people won't be found in the 1950 census.  The 1950 census enumerators missed people despite the Census Bureau's efforts to train them to locate all of the dwellings and people in the Enumeration District.