Hello, I would like to search for an answer to the question that my father, Mr. Qi Zhiguo, worked in the Military Attaché's Office of the U.S. Embassy in China (1925-1949), during which time he was a member of the U.S. Civilian Commission

您好,我想寻找一个问题的答案,我的父亲齐植果先生在美国驻华大使馆武官办公室工作(1925-1949),在此期间他是美国文关委员会的成员,我父亲的个人登记号(也称为索赔号)是CSF 1275149。


Hello, I want to find an answer to a question. My father, Mr. Qi Zhiguo, worked in the military attache's office of the US embassy in China (1925-1949). During this period, he was a member of the US Cultural Relations Committee. My father's personal registration The number (also known as the claim number) is CSF 1275149.
He was awarded two U.S. Government Medals in 1945 and 1947. I wonder what medal he actually won. Thanks.

Qi Kuangzhi

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