Research a gift given to US Ambassador Paul Reinsch from China in 1918

Inquiring about a Gift given to US Ambassador Paul S Reinsch in 1918 or 1919 in China. Paul S Reinsch was Ambassador to China 1913-1919. A Chinese dignitary named Xiong Xiling gave him a large enamel Urn for his good work to help the Chinese with the great flood of 1917. The urn has three pieces, each has a number transcribed on it. Bottom piece 45.1427, middle 45.1427A, top 45.1427B. Are there records for gifts that US Ambassadors received? Received in early 1900's. Ambassador Reinsch was known to have received several gifts of artwork. He also purchased many pieces in his time in China. Do you have record of any gifts for US Ambassador to China Paul S Reinsch during his time serving in China, 1913-1919. He was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson. Thank you for any knowledge.