Seeking meaning of abbreviations in FRUS

I've been doing research work about foreign relations of the United States, and I am confused about some abbreviations of some organizations. For example, in the book section “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Vol. XIV, China and Japan, Part 1,” I found an organization with the abbreviation “FE/PC”, which I cannot find in any of the abbreviation tables. All I see is that FE means Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, and PC means “participating countries”, but it doesn't make sense when they are put together. And I searched the information about Mr. Eckvall and Mr. Hussey - the data showed Mr. Eckvall was an officer of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, but there was nothing about Mr. Hussey. I would be appreciative if I could get some information about what FE/PC meant in Department of State in 1952-1954.