How can I see the electronic version of 1942 “Strategic Survey of Indochina.”


[Moderation Note: Translation - "Wanted to read relevant documents about the Vietnam famine of 1944-1945, but had trouble"]


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    Although it is accessible on microfiche in Record Group 59 General Records of the Department of State Intelligence Reports, 1941-1961 (National Archives Microfilm Publication M1221), Research & Analysis Branch Report No. 719  “Strategic Survey of Indochina” is not available online.
    We would be happy to help you access the relevant microfiche in the National Archives at College Park (Archives II) Microfilm Reading Room (4th Floor). You may request an appointment to do so online.
    As an alternative to visiting Archives II, you may wish to hire a private researcher to access the records on your behalf.  A list of private researchers who are familiar with Archives II can be found on our website
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