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    Searching & Asking a Question on History Hub


    Asking a question is easy on History Hub! Just go to and type your question into the “Ask” box. In a moment, answers to similar questions will appear:


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    If none of these suggestions answers your question, you can ask a new one. See below: “Asking a Question on History Hub


    What do other users ask about on History Hub?


    History Hub questions run the gamut from genealogy to military records to Native American history, and beyond! Think of it as a one-stop-shop for researching American history:


    Genealogy questions:

    Such as a user searching for the naturalization records of their Polish ancestors

    searching for Polish naturalization records

    Military records:

    Questions about military awards and decorations are very popular, such as this Bronze Star inquiry:

    How to look up Bronze Star Awards


    Native American heritage:

    Another user is trying to trace their Native Cherokee heritage:

    Seeking ancestors on Dawes Roll

    General Research:

    This user is researching the history of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp:

    Looking for Civilian Conservation Corps camp records (CCC)

    Government records:

    Finally, this user would like to know the history of the government’s use of the enigmatic “Glomar Denial,” aka “We can neither confirm nor deny…”

    When has the government issued a Glomar Response?


    Finding Help from Experts & Institutions

    Experts from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and other archives and museums will respond to these questions, followed by a community of dedicated citizen experts, providing guidance and their valuable experience.


    Here a National Archives staff expert responds to a user’s inquiry about Colonial-era maps of New York City, including links to multiple digitized records in the National Archives Catalog, as well as resources at other institutions:

    Response on Colonial era maps of New York City



    You can also browse topical communities within History Hub, like those for Military Records or African American history, to help hone an inquiry.


    History Hub hosts 19 communities in all, including several new communities:


    Getting Started on History Hub


    Creating a History Hub Account

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    Before you can ask a question or help answer a question, you’ll need to register for a History Hub account. History Hub accounts are free and only require a few basic pieces of information.

    How To: Create an Account on History Hub will help you start the process ➔


    Asking a Question on History Hub



    Once your History Hub account has been created, you’re ready to ask a question!  You can enter your question in the “Ask” field on the History Hub homepage, or ask it within a specific community.

    How to post a question on History Hub has tips for asking an effective question.


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