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    Many things on History Hub can be "Followed":  Communities, Questions and other content, and People


    "Following" allows you to receive updates and notifications when something new has happened:

    • A new Question in a Community
    • A new Reply to a Question you're interested in
    • A Friend has posted something new


    Following a Community:

    Click the "Follow" link in the header of the Community of your choice:

    (Note that Following a Community will not Follow any of its Sub-Communities.  These must be Followed individually.)


    Following a Question Thread:

    Click the "Follow" link in the sidebar of the Question:

    (If you interact with a Thread, such as by replying, or liking it, you will automatically Follow it until you un-Follow it.)



    Following another User

    See How To: Contact Another User for how to Follow another user on History Hub.



    Getting Updates:

    Once you Follow something, you will see updates in your History Hub Inbox:


    You can also receive email notifications if you enable it in your User Preferences


    Click your User Profile Link in the Header, and select "Preferences":


    Check to see if "Following" has Email Notifications enabled:


    How to Stop Following:

    You can stop Following something at any time by clicking the "Following" Link and select "Stop Following"


    Stop Following a Community:


    Stop Following a Question Thread:


    We hope this is helpful!