Version 6

    The goal of History Hub is to make the research process transparent and share knowledge openly with others who may be struggling with similar pursuits.  That said, History Hub users sometimes develop virtual friendships and would like to know how to connect with others offline. 


    As a government-provided website, the security of users’ personal information (aka "PII"), including email addresses, is paramount and protected closely.  However, if users would like to share their email address information with each other in order to connect, this is now feasible with the following steps:


    Edit your User Profile and add a contact Email Address in the newly added “Shared Email” field.  This can be the same email address you used when creating your History Hub account, or an alternate address.

    1. Click the "Edit Profile" link:
      edit profile link
    2. Click the "Your Profile" tab, and enter a valid email address in the "Shared Email" field:

    shared email


    Shared Email is only visible to your “friends” on History Hub.  Friends are users who follow each other.


    This is a mutual process.  Both you and your new History Hub friend must “Follow” each other.  You can either:

    1. Hover over your friend's username and click "Follow" on the popup box:
      follow user
    2. Or, go to your friend's profile page and click "Follow":
      follow user


    Once you are both following each other, and have valid email addresses entered in the “Shared Email” field, you should be able to go to your friend’s profile page, click “View more details” and see their shared email address:


    1. Your friend's user profile:
      user profile
    2. Your "friend's" Shared Email address will be displayed if they have entered one:
      user shared email


    At any time you can un-Follow another user to prevent them from seeing your address:

    1. To see who is following you, or to un-follow anyone, View your User Profile:view profile
    2. Click on your Followers link:
      Followers link
    3. In the list of Followers that appears, click the "Following in ..." button next to the user in question and then click the "Stop Following" link:
      stop following


    Or simply delete your “Shared Email” address to prevent anyone from being able to see it:

    shared email deleted


    We hope this is helpful!