Version 5

    You can easily edit an existing post to add or correct information:


    1. Make sure you're signed in to History Hub with your user account
    2. Navigate to your post
      1. Approved Questions will appear in your "Content" section
      2. If your Question has not been approved yet, you can find it in your "Drafts" section

    3. If you'd like to edit a Question you posted, use the "Edit" link from the list of "Actions" in the sidebar:
      edit question post
      1. If your Question already has replies from other users, add new information as a reply, otherwise they may not notice the addition.
      2. If nobody has replied to your Question yet, it should be fine to edit and include this in your original post.

    4. If you'd like to edit a Reply you posted, choose "Edit" from the "Actions" in the pulldown menu in the lower-left-hand corner of your reply:
      Edit Reply

    We hope this is helpful!