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    I need some historical/archival opinions.


    At the flea-market I found these file storage drawers (see PDF I uploaded). I originally thought they were old periodical holders, but then I saw the labels.


    My fellow research and archival friends please make your own judgments, but I believe these are the original file drawers from the War Department's collection of Civil War era carded records, or what is now in the National Archives in Record Group 94, entry 519 Carded Military Service Records of Civil War Volunteers; for parts of the 3rd Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry, part of the 22nd Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, and part of the 3rd Regiment Michigan Cavalry.


    The inside area is approximately 10” deep (top to bottom) and can take a folder the width of approximately 4.5”. They were designed to hold jacket-envelopes that will fit in the oddly shaped drawers. This is a momentous discovery for me, as I work with these records almost every day and always pondered the origin of the files, how they were stored and where.


    These drawers answer so many questions and create many more – an archival mystery to be solved.   I am not interested in appraisal of any kind, just identification of these historical archival storage items.  Any help solving the mystery of the drawers would be greatly appreciated.