Get Started with the WWI app

Version 6

    Hello all,


    Today we are launching a new version of the National Archives’ Remembering WWI app, which builds upon months of iterative work since our September 2016 beta release. Below is a Q & A walkthrough of the current capabilities of the app and how you can use it:


    What type of primary sources can I browse and use in my collections?


    A majority of the primary source content within the app is from two of the National Archives’ major WWI repositories: Historical Films, ca. 1914ca. 1936 and the American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 19171918. Additional source content is from the Library of Congress’ Prints & Photographs Division, and the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. We have also segmented the films into short clips to take advantage of varying subject matter and geographical locations. All sources can be enlarged to more closely examine details, and you may reuse any of this content in your own collections.


    What kind of collections are in the app?


    A snapshot of Collections within app.


    Content from the National Archives and other partners have been grouped into thematic collections, featured in the “Collections” section of app for inspiration and organized by popularity (most viewed). These materials have brief descriptions and are organized by some WWI themes that our teacher focus groups would like to see in the app, including:


    • Nationalism   
    • Women’s roles
    • Volunteerism on the home front
    • Minority roles 
    • Colonialism
    • Revolution (technological, political, social)
    • Wartime propaganda


    Do I have to register to use the app?


    No. But if you’d like to use the features that include creating collections, you must first register an account by choosing “Sign-Up” from the Welcome screen. You may use an email address or an existing Facebook login. If you are participating as part of a class or museum, we recommend personalizing the name of your account in the “Username” field (e.g. “John Doe’s History Class”).


    Upon sign-up, teachers will be able to identify themselves by checking the box next to “I’m a teacher.” This will allow users to filter by user type within the “Curators” section of the app, so you can separate out collections created by fellow teachers.


    You are also free to explore the app and use the share link on each item without registering.


    I’m a museum or local institution with WWI collections to share. Can I add these into the app?


    Yes. If you’re interested in adding in a curated selection of your museum, institution, or community group’s content into the app, please email for more information. 


    How can I explore content through the app?

    There are several primary journeys for exploring content on the app.


    Collections: Themed collections of items, created by the National Archives. Also includes a few collections from our institutional partners. Click “View Slideshow to view enlarged versions of images, or double-tap on images in the “Explore Collection” list to enlarge them.


    Curators: All app users. To view collections created by other teachers, use the filter found on the left-hand sidebar.


    Tags: All Archives and partner content uploaded into the app is tagged as much as possible to  allow you to make connections to major WWI themes or geographic areas. Tags are arranged in this section alphabetically. You can also find these tags under each item in the app and use them as an additional way of navigating to similar content.


    Using the search bar at the top of the Archive page


    How can I search?


    When entering the app, use the search icon at the top of the page to do a keyword search. Additionally, to search for local content, find your state listed alphabetically in the Tags section. We are continuing to add content, so keep a look out if your location doesn’t yet have many items.



    Search icon at the top of the Archive page, and an example state [Virginia] on the Tags list.

    How do I create and add to a collection?


    Create a collection by visiting the “My Collections” page when logged in (via your profile icon) and clicking “Add Collection.”


    Going to My Collections.PNG

    Getting to the My Collections page by clicking your profile icon.


    V1 add collection button.jpeg

    The Add Collection button on the My Collections Page.


    Use the available tools on the edit page to add chapters, new captions to existing app content, and other narrative text.



    The collection edit page. Get started by adding a Collection title and chapter, then add app items or additional chapters using the button at the bottom of the page. You can delete items or chapters at any time once these are added.


    You can also create a new collection or add any item within the app to one of your existing collections by clicking the “+” sign on any item.


    collection item WWI Museum.jpeg

    Click the plus sign on any item in the app to add it to your collection, or create a new collection with that item.



    Pop-up menu to save an item to a collection. You must be signed in to do this.


    How do I edit my collection?


    From the “My Collections” page, click on the collection you want to edit, and click “Edit” in the top right-hand corner.


    Make your collection “Private” at any time while you work on it, and make it “Public” when you’re ready to share it.

    Public:private + edit buttons.jpeg

    From within your collections, the buttons to make your collection “Private” or “Public” and to “Edit.”


    Adding items to your notes


    Tap on the Share icon on any item and use the iOS or Android controls to select the “Add to Notes” or “Memo” feature to start a list of items you might add to a collection.



    The “Share” button (right) and the “Add to Notes” feature in the share pop-out.