Reviewing records

I have been working on the correspondence of Samuel Gompers and the AF of L. At this point, I am mostly reviewing, The letters almost always have a page number at the upper right hand corner. Many of the transcribed records do not include this page number. It seems to me that is an important search tool and should be added, but at times, that is the only correction needed.

mss511850155-604 is an example

What to do?


  • Hi Doreen! Those numbers in the corner of most AFL pages were applied by the Library of Congress sometime in the past but are no longer actively used by Library staff. You're right that they could sometimes be useful to researchers in noting/locating specific pages. However, they do not need to be keyword searchable to serve that purpose because they proceed in chronological order making it relatively easy to locate a page by number without search. For that reason, and the fact that the numbers are no longer formally in use, I would recommend accepting transcriptions that don't have the marking.

    Thanks for the great question and attention to detail!

  • Thanks, Lauren. I'm so glad you are always in reach to answer our many questions!