Samuel Gompers signature

I have transcribed a few of Samuel Gompers' letters.  His letters are signed with a signature stamp.  I question whether the signature, which tends to be somewhat faded, is "Sam Gompers" or "Saml. Gompers." ... or something else.  It would be nice to have a concensus going forward, as there appear to be quite a few of these letters.

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  • HI Doreen! We recommend if you review a page where "Sam" instead of "Saml" is the only error, you should still be accept the transcription. This is a very minor error that does not change the meaning or historical understanding of the document. Any researcher searching for Samuel would also be likely to search Sam in addition to Saml, so I don't expect it to substantially impact search. However, if I was already reopening a page for other reasons, I would probably correct it (much like missed line breaks).

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