LOC Crowd: Can I filter out work I've already reviewed?

I'm working in the Library of Congress Crowd section, reviewing the Abraham Lincoln Paper, and am wondering if there's any way to filter out work I've already done when I'm searching for new stuff to review? (I'm wasting time having to click and reclick to get to work to review, and in some cases, am finding stuff I've already worked on.)



  • Hi Beth,

    We've noticed a problem with the status filtering. Sometimes a page's status does not update correctly in the campaign and project pages -- for example for an accepted page to show as "Completed" rather than "In Review".  That issue is currently being addressed (as you can see in this Github ticket - https://github.com/LibraryOfCongress/concordia/issues/647).

    However, it sounds like your frustration might be different.  Let me know if I get this right:  you have reviewed an item, made edits and then can't tell that "In Review" item you worked apart on from any others. Therefore, you click on items to review and find you cannot (because you most recently edited them). We don't yet have a way to filter out items you have worked on, but that's a great suggestion!  I will create a new ticket for this feature and cite your user story.  Any other details I should know or ideas about how you would like this feature to work?


  • I clicked through to the Github and see that this was moved to a JIRA in 2022.  I assume that means because they are going to work on it.  I just started the transcription journey and this is so frustrating.  Do we have any idea when they would make this change?  Or if they are going to?

  • Hey Christy! We're so  sorry about the delay in getting back to you and for any confusion. We moved that GitHub ticket into a new ticketing system, but unfortunately, haven't picked it up yet. It's good to know that there's interest in this possible change and we'll let our devs know!

    Thanks so much for participating and please let us know if we can help in any other way,

    Carlyn (LC)

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