Correcting Errors

I have been transcribing Mary Church Terrell. I have misread one item numerous times and today finally got a document that was more clearly written. She was a member of a Matron's Whist Club. The problem is that I had read it as Watrous, mistaking her M for a W and n for a u. I just wanted to alert the board in case someone is reviewing my documents in her diaries from 1905,1908 and 1909.

  • Henry, I've had that experience, too.  In an effort to prevent that happening in my own work, I had to change my approach.  At first, I would transcribe a page, and then as soon as I was done, submit it for review.  Then I had the experience of realizing what a word was that I'd at first misunderstood or left as question.  Now if I have a page with a mystery word, then I don't send it for review until I have transcribed all pages of the document.  Sometimes, after going back and rereading it as a whole, I found that the word would suddenly make sense.  It's the funny way the mind works, or at least the way mine does.

    I know your example works across many documents, and it makes me wonder if I should hold back more documents until all hope of figuring out the mystery word is gone.  But then I realize that sometimes I just have to let it go and hope the reviewer can figure it out.

    I hope that in the future, the developers create a way for someone to open up a document again when there has been a mistake that is discovered after the document has been submitted for review or after it's been completed.

  • Hello, yes, this is a request we've seen a few times already and have logged as a bug on GitHub, where we keep track of the code for the project.

    I like your idea of transcribing a whole document before submitting it for review. That seems very sensible. So long as you save as you go, and certainly before you open a new page, your work won't be lost. But trusting the reviewer is also a good instinct! Hopefully, between these strategies and improvements to review in the coming months, the experience will be more fluid and enjoyable.


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