Mislabeled Date Section

I am working on Anna E. Dickinson Family Correspondence.  The section I am currently working on is 1882:Sept 6 - Dec 25.  Based on the letters' content (midwest tour with managers Wentworth and Hunting), it appears that that pages 2-46 took place in 1883.  (Anna makes hers "3s" very strangely so that may be why they are miscategorized).

Pages 47 thru 51 are from 1882, so they are in the correct section..

Parents Reply
  • Hi Henry Rosenberg, good questions. In these cases we would suggest that volunteers do transcribe the pages that MCT is recycling. It might be the only copy of that letter or document in her papers, and so it could be a unique historical object. It's not part of the speech itself, you're right, but it's part of the material and historical context of the speech. Sometimes these kinds of things can help us date undated materials. For example, if I know that an undated speech was written on the back of a document dated to 1900, I know it could not have been written before that time. Scholars and researchers of many stripes are interested in the ways that documents are recycled. So, no need to delete or skip these transcriptions.