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I am working on Anna E. Dickinson Family Correspondence.  The section I am currently working on is 1882:Sept 6 - Dec 25.  Based on the letters' content (midwest tour with managers Wentworth and Hunting), it appears that that pages 2-46 took place in 1883.  (Anna makes hers "3s" very strangely so that may be why they are miscategorized).

Pages 47 thru 51 are from 1882, so they are in the correct section..

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  • Thank you for your message, Margaret!

    After some digging into the original documents and checking into other letters from both 1882 and 1883, I believe it is correctly identified as 1882 and is in the correct order.

    Looking at the locations from where she was writing, it lines up pretty well with Ohio in 1882. Anna Dickinson was traveling Ohio at the time, in September 1882, which is recorded in newspapers as well, for example, in this newspaper article from Jackson, Ohio. Jackson is not too far from Columbus, where she wrote this letter on September 22, 1882 only a day after the Jackson lecture event.

    If we also take a look at her letter from the same October 2, 1882 and October 2, 1883, she marks two different locations. So it appears that while she may have been traveling around Ohio a year apart, the years are correctly labeled. This comparison also lets us see the way she is writing her “2” and “3” in her dates.

    If you still have questions about the dating, I will be glad to forward your comments to one of my Manuscript Division colleagues who has expertise in American literary history.

    I hope this helps!

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