Spanish/French Items in Roosevelt Campaign Need Transcribing or Review

In the part of the Roosevelt Campaign that I've been working on recently, I've run across a number of pages in Spanish or French that need transcribing or review. I know that some of you enjoy working on these, so here they are:

Theodore Roosevelt Papers: Series 1: Letters and Related Material, 1759-1919; 1906, July 9-Aug. 13

French: mss382990066-705-706, 724-725, 729-732

Spanish: mss382990066--647 thru -651 [NOTE: I have already transcribed these but I can't find a foreign keyboard that works for me.  While reviewing you will need to add tildes and accents. A few of them have been added by someone else.]

I hope I've made this clear. Let me know if you have questions.

  • Hi Pat,

    Welcome! Please transcribe the document in its original language, rather than translating it. Our goal is to make these documents readible and searchible in their original form.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!



    By the People Community Manager

  • "As for "Completed" transcriptions which still contain errors: I think I found 1 page that transcribed the name "Kibbey" 9or possibly "KIBBEY") with "S"-es instead of ""B"s'; on another page,  I found a word like "directed" (or maybe "directing") with an added "e" making a non-word such as "direceted" (or "direceting")."

    Hi, Ethan. Those are my errors. I tried to find the page where I had used "S" in Kibbey's name because I thought it looked like an "S". Later when I found it spelled correctly on another page I wasn't able to find that page to correct it. The words that are misspelled (should be "directed") are also mine; I missed them while checking my work.

    I've done transcribing as a citizen archivist since May 2020 but had to take time off starting in Feb. 2021 because I needed time to deal with medical issues. When I first started volunteering, I worked mainly on the Women's Lib campaign. I enjoyed transcribing so much that every day I swore I was going to come back. Finally in Nov. 2021 I just decided to take the time to volunteer again. Recently I've been kind of overwhelmed again and decided to try another campaign. But that only lasted a few days til I came back to the Roosevelt campaign. It sounds like you might be overwhelmed now, too, so maybe you just need to take some time off to recuperate. Thanks for your work on the foreign language pages of the Roosevelt campaign. I very much appreciate it.

  • Thanks, Laurie N.

    I am exhausted at the moment (and somewhat-"overwhelmed") -- and I have a medical appointment for this coming afternoon on a day with inclement weather and temperatures dropping below freezing (again) -- so I don't know how much I can say or do before tomorrow night.

    However, I wish to thank you for your post which began this thread, and for the compassion of your latest post here (addressed to me).

    (I tried to find the page where the "B"s (probably because unclear) were (I thought) transcribed as "S"-es, but I couldn't find it; I did find a "KIibbey" transcribed as "Kibby" (handwritten "e" not conspicuous-enough, it seems) ... -- so I don't know if my memory failed me, or I just didn't easily find the page with the reading of 1 letter for a different letter. [Shrug.]

    (In any case, I get the impression that transcriptions are not expected to be re-done if they are 99 percent accurate rather than 100 percent accurate -- and I'm not going to pass on the page with the extra "e" in (I believe) "directed" right now.


    I did a little more work on 1 page of the "newspaper clipping" (probably transcribed, as no scanned newspaper is seen -- but rather typewritten text) ; I'll see if I can do more by the end of this coming weekend.

    (And I will try to see if I can do "reformatting" of the 1 2-columned English-language/Spanish-language tariff-agreement page that I already worked on (the one where I reduced the space between columns and got them to "work" at least for 1 section of the text) -- although I would guess that it would take more effort to move the Spanish-language column text below the English-language column than to just transcribe accented vowels and reduce the space between columns).


    Best Wishes/Be Well.

    Ethan (who was hoping for less wintry weather here this (umm...) winter).

  • Dear Ms. Shelton (Abby):

    Thank you for your response to my post of yesterday.

    I do not know whether I will feel "up to" transcribing the page-proofs pages (with or without dealing with the notations); Thanks for explaining that the marginal notes may possibly be placed after the paragraph/s to which they refer (possibly at the bottom of the page's transcription).

    (I see that someone (Patricia Skeffington -- who asked about translating?) actually took on the work of inputting the page-proofs text ; "thumbs-up" to that transcriber. )


    As for the 3 marginal notes: apart from the "left" (in French) for "right" substitution, I seem to see "'boxing' [in English] et [French for "and"] 'wrestling'" -- which seems to indicate how President Roosevelt acquired some injuries mentioned in the passage in question (but not to indicate exactly how to add mention of these sports to the revised text -- except perhaps as a quotation from Roosevelt in parentheses (as ("'boxing' et 'wrestling'")... -- and I can't quite figure out the word in the 3rd notation ("Fois" or "trios" -- perhaps "trois" ]French for "three"] replacing "deux ou trios" ["two or three" -- in French) in the page-proofs text.


    I think I must sign off for now; I will try to do more work on at least the "newspaper clipping" (and maybe the 1 Spanish/English page I have worked on -- by the end of this coming weekend.


    Be Well; Thanks (Ms. Shelton/Abby) again for your mild response to my post of yesterday.


    Ethan W. Kent/"EthanFromBellmore".

  • Thanks - gave it a shot!

    I OCR'd it and took a pass at cleaning it up, addressing any illegible words that could be extrapolated.  It's pretty close to done, but I left it "in progress" for you to review.

  • Henry:  someone undid all my work on this.  I had it all complete, with correct columns, word breaks and accents.  It is now all undone.  I don't know if I can redo it all again (should have copied final version to a file...), but will try off line and then paste back - sigh...

    Incidentally, the correct byline is:


  • Diane- I'm responding to your follow up message which for some reason did not show up here. I noticed the page was not complete and it said someone else was working on it. I thought may be that was you finishing up. If you decide to do it again hit save and submit and let me know so I can review it. You never have to leave it "in progress" for me. I trust you and at worst I could edit but not with the French which you know better than I do.

    Sorry for the hassle.


  • Thanks, Henry!

    I submitted for review this time even though it has some "???" still.  Please correct as you can and I can final approve if you like later this evening (I'm off the rest of the day far from computer...).