Spanish/French Items in Roosevelt Campaign Need Transcribing or Review

In the part of the Roosevelt Campaign that I've been working on recently, I've run across a number of pages in Spanish or French that need transcribing or review. I know that some of you enjoy working on these, so here they are:

Theodore Roosevelt Papers: Series 1: Letters and Related Material, 1759-1919; 1906, July 9-Aug. 13

French: mss382990066-705-706, 724-725, 729-732

Spanish: mss382990066--647 thru -651 [NOTE: I have already transcribed these but I can't find a foreign keyboard that works for me.  While reviewing you will need to add tildes and accents. A few of them have been added by someone else.]

I hope I've made this clear. Let me know if you have questions.

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  • Thanks, Ms. Algee.

    (And Thanks to Diane (I saw the post in my email inbox, but not here) for your nice words about my deductions and for your trying to pin down which issue of Le Matin the article came from. )

    I plan to complete the transcription (of this page; the question of whether the rest of the article (following page) will be re-opened is still unanswered) today.


    PS (about 12:10 PM Eastern Time) : I have completed the transcription (and added a cedilla to the "c" in "façon" 2 lines after the line which begins "près"). I will present the transcription for review.