Spanish/French Items in Roosevelt Campaign Need Transcribing or Review

In the part of the Roosevelt Campaign that I've been working on recently, I've run across a number of pages in Spanish or French that need transcribing or review. I know that some of you enjoy working on these, so here they are:

Theodore Roosevelt Papers: Series 1: Letters and Related Material, 1759-1919; 1906, July 9-Aug. 13

French: mss382990066-705-706, 724-725, 729-732

Spanish: mss382990066--647 thru -651 [NOTE: I have already transcribed these but I can't find a foreign keyboard that works for me.  While reviewing you will need to add tildes and accents. A few of them have been added by someone else.]

I hope I've made this clear. Let me know if you have questions.

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  • Diane, maybe you should report this. It could be a problem with the site. The reason I suspect this is that I have had a couple of pages [NOT French or Spanish pages, though] that I thought were undone. I was sure I had either started or finished some--usually started, I think. But I didn't have any way to be sure so I considered the possibility that it was my problem, even though I didn't think so. Recently I've been more careful to keep track of pages I'm working on so if it happens again I can report it.

    Another reason I think this is a possibility is because I came across some reports of problems that were occurring a few months ago during the time I thankfully was not doing any transcribing. I'm glad it didn't happen to me until recently--if it actually happened as I suspect.

    I just remembered something else--There have been several times in recent weeks that I was working on a page for a few minutes--maybe 10 or so--when I got a message that someone else was working on it. Thankfully that seems to have stopped. It shouldn't have happened because I was saving every 2-3 minutes.

    Anyway I'm sorry your work was undone and hope it doesn't happen to you again.